Babar Break Records in Asiacup 2023

Babar Break Records in Asiacup 2023

Babar Break Records in Asiacup 2023

Babar Azam Requires Just 6 Runs to Surpass Virat Kohli’s Significant Record

Pakistan’s skipper, Babar Break Records in Asiacup 2023 , is currently dominating ODI cricket with his exceptional run-scoring and record-setting performances. Holding the esteemed title of ICC Men’s ODI batsman ranked number 1, Babar Azam showcased his prowess by amassing a remarkable 151 runs off 131 deliveries during the Wednesday match in Multan against Nepal. This outstanding performance contributed significantly to Pakistan’s resounding victory by a margin of 238 runs, effectively launching their Asia Cup 2023 campaign in a spectacular fashion.

Their upcoming showdown is the highly anticipated clash against India, scheduled for Saturday in Kandy.

Babar Azam notched his 19th ODI century during his 102nd ODI innings, leaving him just one short of Pakistan’s leading ODI centurion, Saeed Anwar, who reached 21 centuries after 244 ODI innings. In addition, Babar surpassed Hashim Amla’s record for the quickest attainment of 19 ODI centuries. Amla had required 104 ODI innings, whereas Babar Azam achieved this milestone in 102 innings. Comparatively, Virat Kohli achieved the same feat in 124 innings.

Babar Azam Will Surpass Another Virat Kohli’s Records

Babar has his sights on more of Virat Kohli’s records in the upcoming matches. In fact, he could potentially eclipse another of Kohli’s records as early as this Saturday’s match and this is sure that Babar Break Records in Asiacup 2023 in current series.

Presently, Virat Kohli holds the distinction of being the fastest batsman to achieve 2000 ODI runs as a captain, achieving this milestone in just 36 innings. However, Babar Azam has already amassed 1994 runs as Pakistan’s ODI captain, and he has done so in just 30 innings. Consequently, the Pakistani captain requires just 6 more runs across his next 5 innings to surpass Virat Kohli’s record of the quickest 2000 ODI runs as a captain.

Babar Azam Expresses Pride in Virat Kohli’s Appreciation

During an interview with Star Sports, Babar Azam shared that receiving praise from Virat Kohli filled him with immense pride. Kohli had lauded Babar last year, referring to him as one of the world’s finest players.

“It’s truly heartening to hear such comments about yourself,” Babar Azam conveyed to Star Sports. “Virat Kohli’s words regarding me were a moment of great pride for me, and it felt wonderful. Certain compliments and acknowledgments boost your self-assurance.”

He further added, “During the 2019 World Cup, I had the opportunity to meet him. He was at his peak then, and he remains at the pinnacle now as well. I wanted to glean insights from him. I had several queries that needed answers, and he provided comprehensive explanations.”

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