Hockey India Has Summoned a Group of 39


Hockey India Has Summoned a Group of 39 Individuals For a National Coaching Camp in Preparation For the Upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.

In anticipation of the pivotal Hangzhou Asian Games, Hockey India has unveiled a roster of 39 potential players for the men’s national coaching camp. This camp is set to commence this week in Bengaluru, spanning from August 21 to September 18. The camp aims to provide players with a platform to refine their skills ahead of the impending games.

Scheduled from September 23 to October 8 in China, the Asian Games loom on the horizon. India’s men’s hockey team, recent victors of the Asian Champions Trophy in Chennai, are poised to initiate their campaign against Uzbekistan on September 24.

Hockey India Has Summoned a Group of 39 for coming events in September 2013 , In Pool A, India finds itself grouped with nations including Pakistan, Japan, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Uzbekistan.

“We’ve witnessed substantial growth as a team in recent months, continually absorbing fresh learning opportunities,” noted Chief Coach Craig Fulton of Hockey India. He emphasized the significance of this particular camp, marking the commencement of their journey toward the Hangzhou Asian Games, which could serve as a stepping stone to the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Fulton also commended the sportsmanship displayed in the Hero Asian Champions Trophy in Chennai 2023 and expressed his optimism for maintaining such conduct in forthcoming tournaments.


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