Mason Greenwood Under Investigation


Mason Greenwood, the Manchester United striker, is set to depart the club following an internal investigation.

Manchester United’s forward, Mason Greenwood, will be departing the club through mutual agreement following a six-month internal investigation into his behavior

This First Time that Mason Greenwood Under Investigation with Police and Court of government


Manchester United Mason Greenwood

Following an internal investigation spanning six months, Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood is set to depart the club by mutual agreement. This decision comes in the wake of his January 2022 arrest regarding allegations involving online content.

Charges against the 21-year-old English player, which included attempted rape and assault, were dismissed on February 2, 2023.

In a statement, Manchester United addressed the situation: “All parties involved, including Mason, acknowledge the challenges associated with his return to Manchester United. Consequently, it has been mutually decided that it would be most appropriate for him to continue his career away from Old Trafford. We will work alongside Mason to facilitate this outcome.”

Based on the available evidence, the club concluded that the online material in question did not present a comprehensive picture, and Mason did not commit the originally charged offenses. However, Greenwood acknowledged his errors and assumed responsibility in a public statement .

Greenwood expressed, “Today’s decision was reached collaboratively with Manchester United, my family, and myself. For the benefit of all, I have chosen to move forward with my football career away from Old Trafford, where my presence would not serve as a distraction to the club. I extend gratitude to the club for their support since I joined at the age of seven. A part of me will always be connected to United.”

He added, “I am Very appreciative of my family’s Members and Friends for their backing. It’s now my responsibility to repay the trust shown by those around me.

My intention is to excel as a footballer and, more importantly, to be a good father and a better individual, utilizing my talents positively both on and off the field.”

With a contract extending to 2025, Greenwood may be transferred or loaned to another club for the remainder of his term at Old Trafford. While continuing to receive full pay, he will not rejoin United’s training sessions.


Mason Greenwood Under Investigation
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What is The Context

In online content, a man, allegedly identified as Greenwood, can be heard yelling at a woman to “move your legs up.” The woman responded by stating her disinterest in engaging in sexual activity, to which the man retorted, “I don’t care what you want, you little.

The man then threatened, “Push me again and watch what happens to you.”

Following the dismissal of charges in February 2023, the Crown Prosecution Service cited the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of new evidence, leading to the conclusion that a conviction was no longer feasible.



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At the time, a statement released on behalf of Greenwood expressed his relief.

Subsequently, Manchester United launched an internal inquiry into the player’s conduct. Previously regarded as one of the most valuable players in Europe’s top five leagues, Greenwood’s reputation was put under scrutiny. Police said This Mason Greenwood Under Investigation but there will be trial in the court.

With one England cap to his name, Greenwood was sent home from an international camp due to an “unacceptable” breach of coronavirus quarantine protocols in Iceland.

In a recent statement, the club noted their accumulation of “extensive evidence and context not publicly available.” Numerous individuals directly involved or knowledgeable about the case were consulted.

In a letter to fans, United’s chief executive, Richard Arnold, revealed that the additional evidence encompassed the alleged victim’s request to the police to drop the investigation in April 2022. Additionally, the club received alternative explanations regarding the online content.

“While I am confident that Mason did not commit the acts he was charged with, Mason has acknowledged his mistakes and takes accountability for them,” stated Arnold.

Greenwood expressed, “I understand that people will form opinions based on what they have seen and heard. I am aware that people may assume the worst. I was raised with the understanding that violence or abuse within any relationship is wrong.”

An announcement about the findings of the investigation was initially anticipated prior to United’s Premier League season opener against Wolves on August 14. However, the decision was postponed amid intense discussions concerning Greenwood’s potential reintegration at Old Trafford.

Mason Greenwood Under Investigation

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Recent Developments

In the past few weeks, a contingent of female supporters of Manchester United staged a protest against the potential return of Mason Greenwood, gathering outside Old Trafford prior to the Wolves match. They advocated for the club to adopt a “zero-tolerance approach” towards violence targeting women.

Under the banner of “Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return,” a comprehensive statement was released, expressing that Greenwood’s reintegration would convey to them, as women, a message that their concerns are disregarded.

Manchester United shared their intention to consult with their women’s team, which included members from England’s World Cup squad competing in Australia, before disclosing a verdict about Greenwood’s future.

United unveiled their decision while the Lionesses were en route back home.

In a statement the previous Wednesday, the club announced the completion of the “fact-finding phase” of their inquiry, indicating that the determination about Greenwood’s future, under Richard Arnold’s purview, was in its conclusive stages.

As reported by The Athletic, United’s executive leadership team was informed early in August that Greenwood, who has accumulated 35 goals in 129 games, would be making a return to the club.

However, the club clarified that a decision had not been formalized and was undergoing intensive internal deliberations.

Subsequently, television presenter Rachel Riley voiced her intention to withdraw her support for United if Greenwood remained on the team.

A number of Members of Parliament criticized the club when reports emerged about their deliberations to reintegrate Greenwood, with Labour MP Apsana Begum asserting that such a decision would cast an enduring shadow on the club’s reputation.

In response to Monday’s announcement, “Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return” expressed the view that the club had made the right choice but for reasons that were not fully aligned.

Women’s Aid, a charitable organization devoted to ending domestic abuse against women and children, welcomed United’s decision.

They affirmed that the news of Greenwood’s departure would bring relief to numerous survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

The charity further emphasized the influence of football as a global phenomenon and the idolization of players by fans. How alleged cases of domestic abuse are dealt with by clubs holds significant sway in shaping public perceptions of what is condoned and tolerated within society.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust articulated their stance, acknowledging the distressing nature of the initial allegations and the prolonged investigative process.

They recognized that a lack of consultation with fans exacerbated the situation. While acknowledging the unhelpful discussions of recent weeks, they deemed United’s ultimate decision to be correct.

The trust aims to collaborate with the club to ensure that lessons are drawn from this distressing episode.


Chief executive Richard Arnold addressed supporters: “Given that we have now concluded and publicly announced the results of the club’s investigation into Mason Greenwood, I want to maintain transparency and clarity with our fans regarding the process and the rationale behind our decision

However, owing to the high-profile nature of the allegations and Mason’s public image, I acknowledge that this situation was unique. Nonetheless, I deemed it crucial to adhere to proper procedure and, to the best of our ability, avoid media commentary until I arrived at a definitive conclusion.

“When audio recordings and images surfaced online in January 2022, my initial reaction was one of shock and concern for the alleged victim.

Throughout, her well-being, wishes, and perspective have remained central to the club’s approach, along with our values and standards.

While we swiftly determined that Mason should be suspended pending investigation, we also recognized our responsibility to ensure his welfare and the importance of rendering a judgment based on complete information. Up until this past February, the matter was in the hands of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Our engagement with Mason and other relevant parties commenced only after the charges were dropped.

This was a nuanced and prolonged process, influenced by a range of factors. It was imperative that we respected the alleged victim’s rights and wishes.

Additionally, our investigative powers were constrained, necessitating cooperation from third parties.

The timeline was also influenced by my desire to minimize any disruption to our men’s and women’s teams, as well as the Lionesses.

This extension may have given rise to speculation, but the alternative would have compromised due process or caused untimely disruption.

Legal constraints prevent me from elaborating further, including the alleged victim’s ongoing right to anonymity. However, I can share with you the following details that shed light on the intricacies of this case:

The alleged victim requested the police to halt their investigation in April 2022. We were presented with alternate explanations for the audio recording, which constituted only a brief segment of a longer recording, as well as for the images posted online

Reintegration was among the potential outcomes we considered and strategized for. To provide context, over the past six months, multiple potential scenarios were contemplated and planned for, and my perspective evolved as the process unfolded. Although the ultimate decision was mine, I weighed numerous factors and viewpoints until the moment of finalizing my decision. “While I am confident that Mason did not commit the alleged acts, he acknowledges his mistakes and accepts responsibility for them.

I am also mindful of the challenges Mason would face in rebuilding his career and navigating life as a father alongside his partner, all under the intense scrutiny of Manchester United’s spotlight. Moreover, this case has elicited strong opinions, and it’s my responsibility to mitigate any distractions from our goal of fostering unity within the club.

The club remains committed to extending support to both the alleged victim and Mason, aiding them in rebuilding and embracing a positive future in their respective lives.”


Mason Greenwood Girlfrind

Mason Greenwood Girlfrind
Harriet Robson is Mason Greenwood Girlfrind


Who is Harriet Robson, Mason Greenwood’s Girlfriend?

According to Harriet Robson is a university student who has garnered recognition through her role as an influencer.

Hailing from Yorkshire, Harriet, a model, has collaborated with prominent fashion brands such as Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing.

At 23 years old, she recently celebrated a baby shower, proudly displaying her growing baby bump.

The couple were captured in a previous photo at the luxurious Langham Hotel in central London, known for its five-star status and rooms costing £600 per night.

Who is Harriet Robson, Age, Husband

Harriet Robson

Initially gaining recognition in Great Britain as the former girlfriend of Mason Greenwood, the ex-England national team and Manchester United football player, this well-known model had already established her own popularity even before their year-long relationship in 2020. However, in January, Hobson utilized her Instagram platform, where she maintains a following of 700,000, to reveal allegations of abuse and assault by Greenwood.

This revelation led to Greenwood’s subsequent arrest and his separation from both the national team and Manchester United.

BEFORE FAME: She attended Ashton-on-Mersey School in Greater Manchester before opting for a modeling career rather than pursuing higher education.

TRIVIA: Her modeling credits include collaborations with fashion brands such as Pretty Little Things and Fashion Nova.

FAMILY LIFE: Reportedly, Hobson and Greenwood parted ways in 2020 after she discovered that he, along with his England national teammate Phil Foden, had invited models from Iceland to their hotel room shortly after their debut for the English soccer team.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Janet Guzman and Tiffany Keller are also affiliated with Fashion Nova as part of their roster of models.



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