Virat Kohli Was Better Test Captain

Virat Kohli Was Better Test Captain

Ishant Sharma Unveils Why Virat Kohli Outshone MS Dhoni as a Test Captain

All Big Cricket Players said Virat Kohli Was Better Test Captain , Why , You will Read about this in article , In the history of Indian cricket, the period following Zaheer Khan’s retirement marked a significant transformation. Before the era of fast bowling resurgence, Ishant Sharma stood as the quintessential workhorse. Granted, there were Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, but they rarely operated as a unified fast bowling unit. Interestingly, it was under the leadership of Virat Kohli that this ensemble evolved into a globally dominant force.

Virat Kohli Was Better Test Captain

Virat Kohli Was Better Test Captain- iSHANT SHARMA

Initially, these bowlers burst onto the international scene under the leadership of MS Dhoni. However, they reached the zenith of their performance under Kohli. While their growth and experience undoubtedly contributed to this success, Kohli’s aggressive captaincy style proved to be a game-changer. The emergence of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami as versatile fast bowlers further validates this transformation.

Ishant Sharma, who participated in an impressive 130 out of his 199 international matches under Dhoni, didn’t hold back. He ranked Kohli as the best captain he has ever played under. According to him, while Dhoni excelled in communication and nurtured the bowlers, it was Kohli who elevated their game. “Bowling was complete under Virat,” Ishant proclaimed on the JioCinema show ‘Home of Heroes.’ So all fans asking that  Virat Kohli captain again

From a statistical perspective, Kohli outshines Dhoni, boasting a win percentage of 63.38 compared to Dhoni’s 53.61. Ishant attributed this success to Kohli’s assertive nature and clear communication. He recalled how Kohli encouraged risk-taking, as long as it led to taking wickets. “If you’re bowling with the new ball, you can concede 25 runs in five overs as long as you take two wickets,” Ishant remembered Kohli telling him.


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Kohli’s prowess wasn’t solely about numbers or aggression; it also encompassed astute man-management. He identified the core strengths of each bowler and assigned them specific roles. For instance, he urged Ishant to be more experimental and daring in his bowling approach. He advised Shami to focus on consistency while assuring Bumrah that his natural flair was valuable but needed to be tempered with stability. These tailored strategies paid off, particularly in overseas victories in countries like England, Australia, and South Africa.

Ishant and Kohli share a history that dates back to their junior cricket days in Delhi. When asked about Kohli’s remarkable evolution over the years, Ishant described it as “astonishing.” He recounted anecdotes that underscore Kohli’s dedication to fitness and discipline. Despite his love for indulgent foods like chhole bhature, Kohli completely abstained from such treats. He even revealed how Kohli carefully manages his diet based on his daily physical activities.

Ishant Sharma Unveils Why Virat Kohli Trumped MS Dhoni

As a Test Captain The significance of Kohli’s disciplined way of life isn’t lost on his fellow teammates. It’s more than just forsaking indulgent foods; it’s a blueprint for a life dedicated to excellence. His dietary and training choices might seem insignificant, but they outline the portrait of a man unyielding in his pursuit of greatness. This is the Kohli effect; his quest for perfection trickles down to his team, fostering a culture of excellence.

So, what does all of this imply for the future of Indian fast bowling? Firstly, the rise of a fast-bowling unit under Kohli isn’t an isolated occurrence but the result of continuous mentorship and visionary leadership. Dhoni laid the groundwork, but it was Kohli who erected the towering structure. Secondly, it signifies a shift in culture. Indian cricket is no longer exclusively associated with spin bowling or batting prowess; fast bowling now stands as an equally formidable weapon in its arsenal.

Lastly, it exemplifies the importance of consistent leadership. Kohli, with his distinct form of assertive captaincy, took the baton from Dhoni and surged ahead. Ishant’s endorsement of Kohli isn’t just a personal testament; it mirrors a broader sentiment within the cricketing fraternity.

Ishant’s insights grant us a nuanced understanding of the evolution of Indian fast bowling, a journey intricately shaped by two captains, both distinct yet impactful in their own ways. While Dhoni was the master craftsman who sculpted the raw stones, Kohli is the artist who transformed them into masterpieces.

He (Kohli) stood out as the finest. Under Virat’s captaincy, our bowling unit achieved its full potential. During our time with Mahi bhai (Dhoni), we were undergoing a transition phase. So This proved that Virat Kohli Was Better Test Captain .

It was a period when Shami and Umesh were fresh faces, and I was the only familiar one. The rest of the team members would rotate. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was also a newcomer. When it comes to communication, there’s no comparison to Mahi bhai. He excelled in that role. He focused on nurturing the bowlers and then handed them over to Virat. Over time, Shami and Umesh evolved into different bowlers, and then Jasprit joined in. This way, he got a complete package. The remarkable thing he did was recognize the individual traits of each player. He would discuss different aspects with each person and then allow them to grow,” Ishant shared on the JioCinema show ‘Home of Heroes’.

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