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Worlds Biggest Sports in 2022|Popular Sports in World


Football is Number 1 Sport

Football is Biggest Sport

Popular Sports in World

Football is the biggest global sport and a top 10 sport in all countries measured. besides the dominant sport in Europe, South America, and Africa.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup was an international football tournament participated by men’s national teams. It took place between 14 June and 15 July 2018 in Russia and final.

It was watched by an estimated 610 million people, More than 190 countries take part in the world cup.

A worldwide football tournament is held once every four years. France won the match 4–2 to claim their second World Cup. ( Worlds Biggest Sports in)

Played in : All Months
Dominant sport in: Germany, France, UK, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Nigeria. S. Arabia, Poland, Thailand, Kenya, Argentina, Colombia, Algeria and Philippines
Huge sport in: US, China, Turkey, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Kazakhstan
Major sport in: Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Spain, S.Korea, S.Arabia, Indonesia, Poland, Argentina, Kenya

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Worlds Biggest Sports in 2022|Popular Sports in World

Basketball is No. 2 sport Basketball

basketball Most Playing sports

Basketball is Biggest Global sports and was invented by James Naismith in 1891. The game is played between men’s or between women’s teams Sports.Popular sports in world.

Basketball has been played in the Summer. ( Worlds Biggest Sports in)

The shot clock rule started in 1954 for professional basketball. The first basketball game took place in 1892. The size of the court was half the size of Then it is today.

Played in : Played in June, July, August, September, October & November Months
Dominant sport in: Philippines
Huge sport in: US, China & Turkey
Major sport in: Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Spain, S.Korea, S.Arabia, Indonesia, Poland
Argentina, Kenya
Played Less In : India , Pakistan, Sri lanka, & Bangladesh






Worlds Biggest Sports in 2022|Popular Sports in World




Tennis is No. 3 sports Tennis

Tennis is most played sports

The modern game of Tennis started in England, Birmingham in the 19th century as lawn tennis. ( Worlds Biggest Sports in)

Tennis is also an Olympic Sport and played in all societies and age. More than 39 countries represented top 100 players.

Tennis is mostly played in Europe, Latin, Australia and North America. Roger Federer is 3rd highest paid sportsman.

Played in : From May to September & January Month
Major sport in: France, Germany, Italy, UK, China, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, Canada. Spain, Turkey, S.Arabia, Indonesia, Netherlands, S. Africa Australia, Pakistan, Poland, Argentina, Colombia, Sweden, Philippines.

Cricket is 4th sports in world Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket is Biggest sports in Indian sub-continent and also played in South Africa, Australia, England, Newzealand ( KIWI ).
In World cup’s Semifinals of 2015 and 2011 between India Vs Pakistan More than 1.1 billion people around the world watch it. ( Worlds Biggest Sports in)

The Heroes of Cricket are Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Saurabh Ganguli, Brett Lee, Virat Kohli ,Mahender singh Dhoni, Anil Kumble, Shane Warn, Alan Donald and  Wasim Akram.

Played in : All Months
Huge sport in: India & Pakistan
Major sport in: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, England, Australia
Played Less In : America, Germany,  Spain, S.Korea, Russia, France











five Five Formula 1

Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher

Formula 1 Car Racing 

Formula 1 Car racing started in 1950-51. It is the leading world’s popular motor car racing competition. It was as well as the world’s biggest annual sporting series.

The 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship runs from February to November & December . It traverse 20 races in 22 countries across three continents. Formula One World Championship Limited is part of Formula 1. Races relay to over 190 countries.

It reported estimated viewing figures of around 480 million per race. Over $2.95 billion spent annually by the F 1 Race Federation.

Michael Schumacher is No one Formula driver who competed in Formula One for Benetton Jordan, He is An ambassador for UNESCO Also.

Racing Period : February to December
Major sport in: Brazil, Mexico, S. Arabia, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands
Medium sport in: Japan, China. India, France, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Poland, Argentina, Kenya, Sweden, Colombia
Minor sport in: Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines.
Less sport in: S.Korea, Algeria, US, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.


five Five


 Baseball Most Played in world


Baseball ( popular sports) played with a bat, ball , and Gloves between two team with nine players, and Huge sport in 2 economic countries of US and Japan, Baseball played in also Canada, Korea and Mexico.

Nippon and MLB are Biggest leagues in The world and there are many star players from Latin America

Played In :       Month of April to October
Huge sport in: South Korea, Canada , US and Japan
Major sport in: Mexico
Minor sport in: Philippines, Netherlands
Less sport in:   India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, S. Arabia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Argentina, Kenya, Sweden, France, Ger, Italy, UK, Australia and China.


Six Biggests Sports in world




female hot ATHLETICS


Athletics is a group of sporting games involves jumping, throwing, running and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and racewalking.

The Ancient Olympic Games from 776 BC, Athletics Game has long list of of events Like Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Relay Races, Hurdling, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot put, Discuss Throw, Road Running, Cross country Running. ( Popular Sports in The world )

Event Organized in : May , June, July and August Month
Huge sport in: Kenya
Major sport in: Nigeria, Sweden
Medium sport in: Russia, Spain, Turkey, Mexico S. Africa, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Argentina, Thailand, Algeria, Colombia, Kazakh, China, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, India, S. Arabia, Indonesia
Minor sport in: Australia, US, Canada, South of Korea, Philippines


7 star BOXING




Boxing is that has been around for hundred of years, boxing was established as a Olympic game in 686 BC., Boxing is a Battle sport in which two boxers or people, Participants usually wearing protective gloves and hand wraps ,

mouthguards and punches at each other for a prearranged amount of time in a boxing ring.( Popular Sports in The world )

its a types of exercise in boxing makes it a great form of aerobic exercise, Floyd Mayweather paid more than $250 million for Paquiano fight.

maximum World Champions from country particularly Mexico, UK, US, Japan, and Russia. ( WORLDS BEST AND WROST BOXERS)

Huge sport in: Kazkhstan
Played in : All Months
Medium sport in: US, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, India, Brazil, S. Africa, S. Arabia, Nigeria, Poland, Pakistan, Kenya, Argentina, Sweden, Algeria, Colombia
Major sport in: Russia, Mexico, Thai, Philippines
Minor sport in: Australia, Canada, France, Italy, China, Mexico, S.Korea, Turkey and Netherlands